"You can't automate what I do"

Changing the way professional firms look at process.

Learn how professional services can use automation to manage process to:

  • improve productivity;
  • offer more personalised service to clients;
  • increase the bottom line.


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The productivity puzzle

We looked carefully at the question: "What impact does process and automation have on professional service business models and ways of working?" 

It's an idea that's at the heart of AUTTO. We give businesses the opportunity to automate common actions, freeing up time to spend on the service that needs to be more individualised. 


About AUTTO.


Who we work with.


It’s simple.

We believe that all businesses should have the opportunity to automate repetitive tasks, regardless of the size of the business. 

We have set out to democratise process automation and bring the benefits to processes that are lower volume and don’t justify big tech investment, as well as small and medium enterprises that don’t have the big bucks.

Our Solutions.

Participants share their views

"If we focus automation on discrete tasks, the repetitive things that take up a lot of time, I can use my expertise to offer much more personalised service to clients."

research participant

“The full richness and nuance of the law needs to remain central to our practice, not a faux technology.”

research participant

"There is a multitude of structures within the departments meaning that common issues are difficult to identify or group. Everything is done in separated silos."

research participant

AUTTO makes it simple for your organisation to automate routine processes so that your people can focus on doing what they love.